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Rental Policies

Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC functioning as the Rental Agent of this cabin welcomes you and your loved ones to visit the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains area. We are delighted that you have selected one of our beautiful rental homes for your vacation. We hope your stay will be enjoyable and strive to exceed your expectations in providing the finest rental accommodations for you and your loved ones.

For your convenience, we have compiled the following information to assist you in planning your upcoming vacation. Please, take a moment and read the following information as there are important details regarding your reservation.

Please Note: It is our company policy to NOT release the directions or the 911 Address to the cabin prior to your arrival. Please do not ask us to do this because we will not honor your request.

Check In and Check Out:

Check in begins at 5 PM EST. No early check-ins unless approved by management prior to arrival. We do make every attempt to have cabins prepared for check in by that time, but due to heavy volume, (Holidays and/or peak season) some cabins may not be ready by 5 PM. You may call our office and we will be happy to let you know if your cabin is ready. If the cabin is not ready by 5 PM, please note, we do not compensate for a later check-in.

Check out is promptly at 10 AM EST. No Exceptions. You will be charged an additional $100 per hour if you have not vacated the premises by 10 AM. Our check out procedure list is posted on the refrigerator at the cabin. Additionally, you will receive an email at 11 AM EST on the day of your arrival which outlines the details of the check-out procedures. You do not need to return to our office to check out.

Reservation Policy:

You must be at least 21 years or older to rent a 1-bedroom cabin for 2. You must be at least 25 years or older to rent a 2-bedroom cabin and 30 years or older to rent a 3 bedroom or larger cabin. No exceptions. The person’s whose name is on the reservation must be present at all times during the stay. A Valid Driver’s License is required upon booking the reservation and upon arrival.

Please be advised that all of our rental cabins are individually owned. Sometimes, cabins are sold and are no longer available for rental. In the event that this happens, we reserve the right to move your reservation to a comparable property if necessary due to the previously described scenario or if a problem with the original property prohibits guests from occupying the unit (such as fire, flooding, etc.).

Occupancy and Use:

Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC has taken great efforts to ensure that your rental home is in superior condition and supplied with all the amenities necessary to make your vacation wonderful and memorable. Because all of the cabins are individually owned, amenities are subject to change without prior notice.

We do everything to keep all appliances and equipment in good working order. Most of the cabins we manage are on well water and septic systems. Please do not flush tampons, sanitary napkins, condoms or paper towels down the toilet. Do not put food or grease down the kitchen sink. These actions can/will cause serious plumbing damage.

We understand that when a rental home is being used, items within the home can become worn out under normal usage. We ask that you immediately report any damage or breakage to our office. We can then take the necessary steps to repair or replace the damaged item. However, damage can also occur that is beyond normal wear and tear or usage. As the renter, you will be held responsible for any damage occurring, which is above and beyond that occurring during normal use of the home.

Neither Accommodations By Great Cabins in the Smokies, LLC, nor the homeowner is responsible for any failure of utilities, cable services, satellite services, phone services, weather, nor ‘acts of God’.

If there is inclement weather you do accept full responsibility for you and your party. We do not plow or maintenance any roads nor do we provide transportation back and forth. Guests assume all responsibility for this.

If something is not working properly, we will do our best to get it corrected. However, no refunds will be issued for non-working amenities, equipment malfunctions (hot tubs, TVs, internet, satellite or cable, Jacuzzis, DVD players, etc.) early departures for ANY REASON, acts of God or weather conditions.

Rental rates and specials may change, but you agree to be bound by the rates and specials in effect at the time of reserving the cabin. Communication about a reservation, even after departure, must only be with the guest named on the reservation.

Maximum Occupancy:

Maximum Occupancy for each cabin is strictly enforced. Every rental cabin has a stated maximum occupancy limit which must be adhered to by rental guests. If any rental party is found to be in excess of the maximum occupancy for that cabin, guests will be asked to vacate the premises and no refund will be issued. If a disruptive party or situation develops or is suspected, all guests will be evicted and no refund will be issued. Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who they feel does not serve the best interests of the owner of the cabin. If it is determined at check in that inappropriate or illegal behavior will be taking place in the cabin or the guest has given false representation, Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC reserves the right to refuse service and at its discretion, no refund will be given.

Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC reserves the right to enter and inspect the cabin without notice and with or without the guest being present.

Simply put, if you are disturbing the peace or participating in any sort of illegal activity (as these acts are a violation of our rental agreement) you and your group will be escorted off the premises and will not receive a refund of any sort.

Security Cameras:

Some of our rental cabins are equipped with outdoor cameras. None of our cabins have cameras located inside the cabin / unit. Please check the individual cabin listing for this information. Many of our cabin owners monitor remotely to assist us in ensuring that house parties do not occur and unauthorized pets are not brought in to stay. Please note that we do not allow house parties or overcrowding in any of our cabins. Please see our pet policy.

Minimum Stays:

As a standard, we always have a minimum 2-night stay requirement at all times. We do not offer 1-night stays. During the peak season (Spring, Summer & Fall), Holidays and Special Events, we have a longer nightly minimum stay requirement. Please call the office at 866-409-7066 if you have questions.

Please Note: We are closed to Arrivals and Departures on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day! No Exceptions.

Reservation Deposits & Final Payments:

A minimum deposit of $300.00 is required to confirm and hold a reservation. Full payment is due 8 days prior to arrival. We will call you to collect the final payment.

If you should need to cancel your reservation, you must cancel 30 days prior to the arrival date in order to receive a credit for 1/2 of the original minimum deposit of $300.00. Credit amount will be $150.00. If the "Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee" was purchased at the time of making the reservation, the Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee will apply. Please see explanation below in the Cancellation Section.

Notice: All prepaid rents, fees, and deposits may or may not be held in an interest-bearing account with interest accruing to the benefit of Accommodations By Great Cabins in the Smokies, LLC. Pursuant to TCA 62-13-104 (a) (3) (D) (i)

Cancellations and Early Departures:

When you book your stay with Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC, you have the option to purchase the Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee. The Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee works like this: 8% of your Rental Amount for the cabin is charged to you. By choosing to add the Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee, this allows you to receive either a refund or reschedule (less the 8% guarantee amount and applicable taxes). You must cancel the reservation at least 15 days prior to arrival to receive the refund. If you have to cancel inside the 15 days, you may still cancel the reservation. We place your money in a Holding Tank” and allow you up to 2 years to reschedule your stay. You retain the same reservation number and you do not have to reserve the same cabin when you rebook. However, if the new cabin you are booking costs less than the original booking, we do not refund the difference. Once the 2-year time frame has ended, all monies paid will be forfeited.

Important Details: When you re-book your stay, you may re-purchase the Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee. The cost will be dependent upon the rental dollar amount. However, if you should need to cancel your re-booked stay in the future, you will not be entitled to any sort of refund. Rescheduled reservations are non-refundable. The Peace Of Mind Reservation Guarantee would allow you the option to reschedule only. Without the Reservation Guarantee, no refunds or reschedules will be allowed.

Early Departures: We do not offer any sort of refund or reschedule.

Inclement Weather:

In the event of inclement weather moving into the area, we will notify you prior to arrival and give you the opportunity to delay your arrival or reschedule your stay without penalty. Oftentimes, we do not know until the weather actually arrives as to how bad the roads and conditions may be. The county does not treat the roads to the cabins. This being stated, if you insist on coming to the area and make it to the cabin and the power should go out, we do not offer refunds for power outages. So, if we call you, please take a moment and think about what we are telling you as well as the suggestion(s) we offer.

On the day of check out, if inclement weather permits you from leaving the cabin, you will be responsible for the additional night(s) rent. We do our best to communicate with guests regarding the incoming weather. It is also your responsibility to keep an eye on the weather.

Changes to Reservations:

We understand that life happens. We allow you to make one date or cabin change to your reservation without penalty. Any additional changes will result in a $100 charge. If you must make a change, you must do so 30 days or more prior to arrival date. Once inside this time frame (30 days) no changes can be made.


Cleaning Fee: A departure cleaning fee is charged to each reservation. The hot tubs are drained, cleaned and refilled after each stay.

Processing Fee: Each reservation is billed a $55 processing fee. This fee helps us to cover processing expenses, overhead expenses, etc.

Damage Waiver Fee: For 1-5 bedroom cabins, the fee will assist you in up to $500 in accidental damages. This is an optional fee for our 1 and 2 bedroom cabins. On all 3 bedrooms and larger cabins / homes, this fee is required. The Damage Waiver Fee is non-refundable and damages must be reported to the office. If you do not report damages to the office, the damages will not be covered by the damage waiver. No Exceptions.

Acceptable Forms of Payment:

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover.

Reservation Confirmation:

A reservation confirmation will be emailed to you at the email address you provided upon booking the property. You need to check your reservation details for accuracy. If there is any sort of discrepancy, you need to call 866-409-7066 for assistance.

Cabin Supplies:

Cabins are cleaned and inspected prior to a guest’s arrival. An adequate supply of fresh linens and towels are provided along with Starter supplies of bath and hand soaps, dish washing liquid, dish washing detergent, trash bags, toilet paper and paper towels. Depending upon guest use, additional supplies may need to be purchased during your stay. The kitchen is supplied with virtually everything you need to make your vacation comfortable. This includes all major appliances, cookware, dishes, flatware, cooking and serving utensils, coffee maker, can opener, blender and microwave. Upon arrival, please report any damages, shortage of supplies or housekeeping issues to the rental office immediately, otherwise we will assume all amenities are in acceptable condition. It is our utmost goal to ensure that every detail of your stay with us is relaxing, satisfying and comfortable.

Recommended Items to Bring With You:

Aluminum Foil, Bottled Water, Coffee, Coffee Filters, Coffee Creamer, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Kleenex, Favorite Cooking Dish or Crock Pot, Spices, Cooking Oil(s), Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener for cabins equipped with a Washer & Dryer, Charcoal for the grill, as well as matches.

Flashlights are nice to have in the event of a power outage and we recommend bringing at least one for your stay.

Winter Travel: Extra Blankets, Baby Wipes, Matches / Lighter, Flashlights, 2 gallons of water per person for possible power outage, non-perishable food items, charcoal for grill, Styrofoam coolers so if power goes out you can keep food cold, and bottled water for drinking. If the power goes out, you will not have any water inside the cabin. The well will not work, thus leaving the need to have water to flush toilets, brush teeth, and wash hands. We recommend 2 gallons of water per person. Being prepared makes life easier when the power is out.

Damages / Theft:

The registered guest will be held responsible for any damage to the premises as well as missing items from the premises. You agree to be responsible and liable for all damages that occur during your stay. In signing this form, you authorize Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC to bill the credit card on file for damages. If you break something during your stay, please report it to us immediately.

Please check with your group prior to departure to make sure that no one has accidentally packed an item that is not theirs. We realize mistakes happen – so just doublecheck before departure.

Extra Charges:

Please initial the following that will incur additional charges:
Cabins that are left excessively dirty
Excessive garbage (dumpsters are located behind our office, we do not provide trash pick-up services)
Stolen / Missing Items
Soaps/lotions/oils/bath bombs in hot tubs or indoor jetted tubs. (Minimum charge for hot tub / indoor tubs $250).
Damages to the cabin
Re-arrangement of furniture (TV’s, grills, indoor and/or outdoor furniture)
If damages are considered excessive, we will contact our local police department and will report the damages as vandalism which is considered a crime.

If you – the renter decide to dispute the charges or we are unable to collect for the damages for any reason, we reserve the right to pursue this matter legally and charge you the renter with vandalism as well as collect monies due from you - the guest via the Sevier County, TN court system. Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC will pursue legal action for criminal offense(s) and all attorney fees will be at the expense of you the guest if collection becomes necessary. You must report any damages or issues upon arrival. If you do not report what you see, we will bill you to restore the cabin to its original undamaged state. You must report any damages to cabin or personal property immediately. We have the same staff cleaning the cabins after each stay to ensure accountability of the cabin’s contents and condition.

Restrictions On Pets & Smoking:

ALL of our rental properties are designated as non-smoking & non-Vaping. Smoking of any type is NOT permitted inside the premises of any rental property at any time. Violations of this policy will be immediate cause for possible termination of the rental agreement and the guest will be liable for any additional cost (minimum of $500) of removing smoke odors and thoroughly cleaning the cabin.

Pets are allowed in “PET FRIENDLY” designated cabins only.

“Pet Friendly” cabins are limited to dogs only (no puppies), up to 40 lbs. each, and an additional nonrefundable charge of $75 + Taxes per pet. (There is a Maximum of two (2) dogs per cabin.) The renter will assume full responsibility for damages caused by pet, including but not limited to, carpet stains, damages to carpet, scratches on doors, floors, woodwork and damage to bedding or furniture. Please do not leave pet unattended in cabin at any time. If you leave the cabin and do not take your pet with you, the pet has to be secured in a travel crate until your return. Violations of this policy will be immediate cause for possible termination of the rental agreement and the guest will be liable for any additional cost (minimum of $350) of removing pet odors and thoroughly cleaning the cabin.

An Important Reminder: The Accidental Damage Waiver does not cover damages when you leave your dog un-crated.

Emotional Support Animals:

Per official ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidance, emotional support animals (ESAs) are not covered by federal public accommodations laws. We do not accept emotional support animals in non-pet friendly cabins since these animals are not protected by any applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations regarding short term lodging in Tennessee. Renters with emotional support animals may only bring their ESA with them if they are staying in a pet friendly cabin and pay the relevant $75.00 non-refundable pet fee. Renters with service animals for a disability are explicitly protected under both federal and state law. The ADA defines service animals as dogs that have been “trained to perform a task directly related to a person’s disability.” Service animals are explicitly protected under both state and federal law, and, as such, are welcome in any of our cabins.

Items Left Behind:

If personal items are found after your departure, we will make every effort to contact the owner to make arrangements to have items returned. As a reminder, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind items. You are responsible for the shipping/handling charges for any items left behind that you wish to have returned.

If you leave behind your firearm, your firearm will be turned into our local law enforcement agency. We do not transport them to the office. You will have to contact the local authorities to retrieve your firearm.

Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns & Celebratory Gunfire:

The use of Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns & / Or Celebratory Gunfire at your cabin is absolutely prohibited. Participating in one or more of these acts will result in your immediate eviction from the premises without any sort of refund.

Owner’s Closets:

Most of our owners have LOCKED Owner's Closets on premises. You are renting a cabin that is owned by an individual person(s). The Owner's Closets ARE NOT part of your rental accommodations. Breaking and Entering into an Owner's Closet is a punishable offense. The person whose name is on the reservation is responsible for ALL members of his/her group. NO EXCEPTIONS! The Owner's Closets are checked after each stay. If found tampered with after your departure, the authorities will be promptly notified. A police report will be filed. The owner of the property will be notified. Depending upon the nature of the offense, you could be charged for missing items from the closet or the owner of the property may decide to pursue the matter legally. The minimum charge for breaking into or tampering with an owner closet is $500.00. Your initials above are for the approval of the charge.

****When you arrive at the cabin, you need to check all locked closets and report anything you consider suspicious to the office immediately. Do not wait 3 or 4 days into your stay and then decide to report what you saw upon arrival. We do not own any of the properties we manage. It is our responsibility to protect our owners and the contents of their cabin. When guests break into a Locked Owner's Closet, this is not only an invasion of privacy but also a violation of personal property. If a door in the cabin is locked - leave it locked.

Hot Tubs:

The hot tubs at all of our rental homes are drained, cleaned and refilled after each stay. There is a Bromine Holder that floats around in the water and is not a toy. Do not remove the Bromine Holder. Its purpose is to keep the bromine in the water, thus helping to sanitize the water.
When you arrive at the cabin, the water in the hot tub may still be cold. It takes several hours for the hot tubs to heat back up once we refill them with cold water.

Important Details:


Fireplaces are operational October through March and are not available for use during the months of April through September.

If your cabin is equipped with a wood burning fireplace, you must supply your own wood, matches, and fire starter logs. You must purchase wood locally. Do Not bring wood from home. You could introduce a new species detrimental to the trees in the area. Please refer to Do Not Move Firewood Dot Org if you have questions. On their site it states the following: “The state of Tennessee prohibits the entry of out-of-state firewood unless it has been certified, heat-treated and is properly labeled.” So, just purchase your wood from the gas station or Knock Out Firewood located at 3264 Wears Valley Road Sevierville, TN. They are next door to our office.

Gas log fireplaces should be operational by turning the timer on. If the gas fireplace does not work, you need to call the office immediately. Do not attempt to fix the fireplace yourself. Do not tamper with the logs. A minimum of $350 will be billed to the card on file if you choose to re-arrange the logs / tamper with the fireplace.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fireplaces need repairs and the repair may not be something that can happen immediately. If this occurs, please note that we do not offer any refunds or relocations for the fireplace being out of order during your stay. We will try to get the matter resolved quickly and efficiently without too much interruption during your stay.

Maintenance Issues:

We make every effort to ensure that we address all maintenance issues at our cabins prior to a guest’s arrival. We truly want your stay to be uneventful. However, just like at home, things can and do occasionally break down. When this happens, you need to notify us immediately so that we may address and resolve the issue expeditiously.

We do not offer refunds for maintenance issues, acts of nature, or any matters within or outside of our control, etc.

After Hours Emergencies:

After-hours emergency telephone numbers are available and provided in the welcome package. THESE TELEPHONE NUMBERS ARE FOR MAJOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, PLEASE. (Heat/AC not working, smell of gas, no water, no power, locked out, etc.)

Important Fact: For an actual emergency, call 911.

On the day of arrival, at 11 AM EST, you will receive an email for After Hours Emergencies and Departure Information. This email contains the after-hours emergency number you may contact after hours.

Right To Change Rental Assignment:

Occasionally, cabin properties are sold and property management transferred. While we will do everything we can to honor all existing reservations for that property. We may have to transfer a reservation to another, similar rental property. In these instances, we will do our best to provide new accommodations equivalent to or better than the original reserved property if at all possible. If no properties are available, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation with a full refund and you will need to find accommodations elsewhere on your own. This is a rare occurrence; however, we address it now so that you may understand the process should this occur.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

The guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC and/or the cabin owner(s) harmless from any and all claims, including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to a guest’s use of the premises or the items of personal property provided therein. All guests assume the risk of injury, death, or other losses related to any recreational activities or use of the premises and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect thereto. In signing this document, you agree to hold the cabin owner and Accommodations By Great Cabins In The Smokies, LLC free and clear of any liability or compensation for damage to self or property, resulting from accident, injury, death, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather or inoperable appliances, amenities, and/or equipment (including outdoor hot tub, indoor whirlpool / jetted tub, WiFi and Internet access, Charcoal and Propane Gas Grills, electronic games, water, heat and air, etc.).

In Summary:

In consideration of this lease and use of the home, by taking occupancy of the home, I, the renter, agree that I am responsible for the above rules and policies as well as my own safety while using the rental home in any capacity. Therefore, I release and indemnify Accommodations By Great Cabins in the Smokies, LLC (and the respective affiliates, officers, owners, employees, and agents) [collectively “management”] and the homeowner from any liability to me for losses, injuries, or damages of any type that I may incur as a result of any use of the home that I am occupying; and I hold management and the homeowner harmless for any loss, damage, or cause of action of any type caused by and to me while in the home. I also agree that any guests and/or children I invite and bring to the home must be accompanied and supervised by me at all times and that I am responsible for the safety of these guests and children. Therefore, I indemnify management and the homeowner and hold them harmless for any loss, damage, or cause of action of any type brought by or on behalf of these guests and/or children.

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