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5 of the Best Winter Hikes in the Smokies

December 6, 2016

Winter is one of our favorite times to hike in the Smoky Mountains! If you love hiking as well, winter is a great time to do that. (Be sure to pack warm clothes, plenty of gloves, socks and hats) Dress warmly and hit the trails this season! The sights you will see are unlike the sights of any other season here in the Smokies. Truth be told, our all-time favorite views are the snow-covered Smoky Mountains! If you are staying in one of our Wears Valley cabins, you are in luck! The best winter hikes are only a short drive from our cabins in the Smokies!

  • Rainbow Falls

As one of our all time favorite trails, it is jo surprise that Rainbow Falls made the list. Rainbow Falls is a beautiful spectacle that can be reached in less than 3 miles. If you are feeling adventurous, keep going once you reach the falls to see the views from Mt. LeConte. It’s very cold during the winter months, dress warmly and plan ahead.

  • Alum Cave

A real life cave with snow and icicles dangling from above?! Sign me up! Alum Cave is a local favorite due to its elevation and views. If you’re looking for stunning views seem from the inside of an authentic mountain cave, Alum Cave is for you!

Pack your warm clothes and hit the trails midday. Be sure to hike during the daytime and avoid early mornings and nightfall. It gets very cold at high elevations.

  • Clingmans Dome

If you aren’t a hiker, consider Clingmans Dome. Known as one of the best views in the Smokies, this “trail” is unique for many reasons. Only 0.5 miles to the vantage point and you will be presented with a view of the Smokies unlike any other. On a clear day, it is said that you can see for over 100 miles! Bring your camera and stay warm during the winter season.

  • Laurel Falls

One of the most visited trails in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Laurel Falls is a beautiful hike to visit no matter the season. Whether you are are looking for a green trail, or a snow covered winter wonderland, this trail is perfect. Short and sweet, this self-guided nature trail will bring you to a stunning waterfall filled with icicles and snow. This trail is family friendly and great for pets, too!

  • Wears Valley Cabins

While this may not be a “hike”, it can certainly be a winter view enjoyed at any time! Our cabins in the Smokies are enjoyed from the comfort of your own porch! Trade in those hiking boots for a warm pair of socks. Make a fire, or a cup of warm cocoa and enjoy the ambiance.

Book your stay at one of our cabins in the Smokies today! We offer the best Wears Valley cabins in the area.

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