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Smoky Mountain Wildlife

September 21, 2016

Have you visited the Smoky Mountains before? If the answer is yes, it is likely you have encountered wildlife at some time or another. Whether it was a black bear, deer or an elk, it is likely you’ve seen one of the above. On the peaceful side of the Smokies, our Wears Valley cabin rentals are only minutes from some of the best wildlife spottings in the park! If you’re looking for the perfect Smoky Mountain cabin, immersed in nature, look no further. We have the best cabins in the Smokies for you to relax, enjoy local hikes and search for wildlife. Here are the things you need to know if you encounter wildlife of any kind on the trails.

Do NOT offer food!

We can’t stress this enough. They are wild animals! You cannot predict what they will do since they are wild. Your safety is always our first priority! Do NOT ever entice the animals with food or anything else. It is dangerous and highly discouraged.

Be Quiet and Respectful

When you encounter wildlife, you are taking matters into your own hands. It’s a reality that bears live in the Smoky Mountains. The mountains are their home and you are the visitor. Always be quiet and respectful when you encounter wildlife. You are free to stop and take photos but do so at a safe distance. We want our animals to feel comfortable in their home. Remember to pay them respect and give them their space; they are not there for our entertainment.

Research the Wildlife Beforehand

Spotting wildlife in the Smokies is exciting! Do your research beforehand so you know what to expect! Half the fun is identifying the various types of animals you may encounter on your adventures. The National Park service offers lots of information about wildflowers and wildlife for your enjoyment and learning.
Book a cabin with Accommodations by Great Cabins in the Smokies today! Experience the Smokies with the chance of experiencing some of the best wildlife encounters you can imagine! Bring your camera and be on the lookout! Our cabins are only minutes away from some of the best wildlife spots to in the Smokies!

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