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Five Perfect Autumn Hikes in the Smokies

September 15, 2016

Autumn is the perfect time to explore the Smokies by trail! Hiking is one of the area’s most beloved features. Hiking the Smokies is an incredible experience that you can only experience here! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is THE most visited national park in the country! The trails and hikes are known around the world for their stunning views, challenging terrain and the Appalachian Trail! The best part? Our Smoky Mountain cabins are only minutes away from the park’s most popular hikes! Check out the five perfect autumn hikes in the Smokies, near our beautiful Tennessee cabins! Experience the beautiful colors, mountain breeze and the best mountains around!

  • Porters Creek

Round trip length: 4.0 miles

Features: Waterfalls, flowers and colorful fall trees.

Difficulty: Moderate

Calming streams, beautiful fall colors, waterfalls and a historical background? It must mean you are on the Porters Creek trail! This beautiful trail is perfect for autumn due to its beauty, reasonable length and all the fall colors you will experience! If you are searching for the perfect mid-morning/afternoon trail to hike during the fall, it doesn’t get much better than Porters Creek! If you aren’t in a hurry, stop at the early 1900’s Porters Creek houses and community that still stands! It’s quite the site to see!

  • Lonesome Pine Overlook

Round trip length: 6.7 miles

Features: Stunning autumn views

Difficulty: Strenuous/difficult

For our hikers up to a little bit of a challenge, Lonesome Pine Overlook is calling your name! Some hikers like a difficult hike with a great payoff: a great view with which to reward themselves! This trail will be difficult, but the mountain breeze, autumn colors and outstanding views of the Smokies are definitely worth it. Start early in the day as this trail may take longer due to its change in elevation. Bring lots of water, snacks and wear comfortable shoes! Take lots of photos from the top!

  • Curry Mountain Trail

Round trip length: 6.4 miles

Features: Peaceful, less populated and scenic

Difficulty: Moderate

This peaceful, less common trail is truly a treat in the heart of the Smokies. Although the beginning of this trail is considered strenuous, no need to worry. The trail overall is rated moderate and shorter in length. Unlike many trails in the Smokies, you will find solitude and independence on this beautiful hike. Why is this considered a perfect autumn hike? During the fall, the temperatures are lower, the leaves are changing and the trails can be congested. Come spend some time alone with the Smokies. Bring a book or a journal and enjoy the peace and quiet on your hike.

  • Cove Mountain

Round trip length: 7.7 miles

Features: Waterfalls, scenic views, fall colors

Difficulty: Strenuous/difficult

Trees, leaves and waterfalls, what else do you need? Cove Mountain is considered a pleasant hike due to the scenery, forestry and waterfall along the way. While rated strenuous, the hike to the 80-foot waterfall is definitely worth the footwork! Due to the scenery and falls, this trail is very popular. To truly appreciate all Cove Mountain has to offer, plan to arrive early and dress warmly! During the fall, hikes are very popular. Start early, end early! You’ll have the rest of your day to relax and continue exploring!

  • Chimney Tops

Round trip length: 3.8 miles

Features: Breathtaking views, streams and fall colors

Difficulty: Moderate

Bring your camera; you don’t want to miss the panoramic views from the top! During the fall, you will experience a colorful Smoky Mountain forest! It will surely take your breath away! This trail is perfect in length and offers great views! You don’t have to hike very far in order to see the Smokies at a 360-degree angle! However, while this trail is short in length, the drastic changes in elevation are very intense to new hikers. Be advised!
Book a cabin with us and enjoy the perfect autumn hikes in the Smokies this fall! Our cabins are very close to the National Park entrance for your convenience! You will enjoy the view from the top; we guarantee it! We look forward to seeing you this fall!

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