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Three Reasons To Choose a Cabin Over A Hotel

September 18, 2016

If you’re planning a vacation to the Smoky Mountains, it is likely you’re searching for a place to stay. While your first instinct might be to book a hotel, we want to show you the many reasons why you should choose Smoky Mountain cabins instead. We could give you a list of reasons why Tennessee cabin rentals are better than hotels, but we feel confident we only need three reasons to convince you.

Here are our three reasons to choose a cabin over a hotel:

  • Smoky Mountain Cabins are “Home”

You will be surprised how comfortable you feel on vacation. Is it possible to feel right at home while you are miles away from where you call home? The answer is, yes! We offer Smoky Mountain cabins with everything you need to feel like you are home. Our cabins offer living rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, game rooms, grills, privacy and more! Make a homemade meal and gather around the dinner table. The only difference is the picturesque mountains that are located right outside your window.

  • Cabins are Authentic

When you come to the mountains, immerse yourself in them! Stay in a cabin located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains! What is more authentic than a log cabin, surrounded by trees, mountains and nature? Make this vacation an authentic one with a rustic cabin in the mountains. Sit on your private back porch and enjoy the wonderful view and sounds of nature. We have cabins varying in size and location with stunning views and amenities.

  • Cabins Offer an Experience Like No Other

It’s true; our cabins are unforgettable! The cabin experience is unlike any other! Our cabins are near local attractions, the National Park Entrance and offer a welcoming feel you simply cannot find in a hotel room. Each cabin is uniquely decorated and offers a home-like feel to each visitor that walks through the door. When you arrive, you will find a log cabin with decorations, comfortable beds and quilts, couches that are great for naps, kitchens that are waiting for dinners to be made and hot tubs that are perfect for a late night dip.
Don’t book a hotel room when you can stay in a Smoky Mountain cabin. The prices are comparable and the differences are obvious. Don’t spend your time in the Smoky Mountains cramped in a small hotel room when you can spend time in a luxurious cabin with the mountains outside your window! Book your stay today and experience our Accommodations by Great Cabins in the Smokies!

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