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Tips For Planning A Fall Vacation in the Smokies

October 24, 2016

Planning a vacation in the Smokies is a wonderful experience. If you’re like us, planning a vacation can seem like a long, exhausting process. However, our Tennessee cabins in combination with the alluring Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attractions make the planning process a very enjoyable one! Where do you start the planning? Well, that’s where we come to the rescue! Let’s get to planning an unforgettable fall vacation in the Smokies with us.

Tip #1

Address the Non-Negotiables

What do we mean by non-negotiables? Well, everybody has their must-sees, location preferences and attractions in mind ahead of time. If you’re visiting the Smokies, do you have a trail you’ve been dying to hike? Make sure you have the opportunity! So often when we take vacations, we find ourselves sacrificing activities and time for things we didn’t prioritize. Trust us on this, write down your list of non-negotiables and do NOT waiver! If you are set on staying in a cabin in Tennessee with a view, do just that! Our Tennessee cabins have great views, privacy and amenities the whole family will love!

Tip #2

Do Your Research!

We can’t stress this point enough. Many times travelers will not do their research prior to their vacation. Don’t set yourself up for last minute planning! Research the area, local hikes/trails, attractions, dining, lodging and more. If you want to truly enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains the right way, do a little bit of research prior to your arrival. You’ll be glad you did! Map out the best places to eat based on reviews, plan attractions based on less busy visiting times and find trails near your lodging accommodations.

Tip #3

Bring Comfortable Shoes, a Book and Groceries!

Okay, that’s not ALL you should bring, but it’s a good start! We recommend these three items for a reason. Let’s find out why! Comfortable shoes are a MUST here in the mountains. If you plan on hiking, walking or even exploring downtown, comfortable shoes will be your best friend, thank us later! Why might you need a book on vacation? Staying in a cabin leaves you with some morning and evening downtime. Some much-needed downtime, we might add. Bring a book to read on your porch or while taking a dip in the hot tub. The peacefulness of the mountains will be the perfect background for you to finish that book you’ve been meaning to for months now. Lastly, swing by the grocery store when you arrive. Our Tennessee cabins come with well-equipped kitchens for your convenience. Save money this vacation and supply your cabinets with snacks, breakfast foods and maybe a few dinner/lunch options. You will feel right at home without needing to leave for a little midnight snack!
These are only a few of our tips for planning a fall vacation to the Smokies this year! As a reminder, the air can be quite chilly up here in the mountains. Pack jackets and thick socks so you are sure to stay warm on your outdoor excursions! Book your stay today and experience the fall colors with us here in the Smoky Mountains!

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