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The Changing of the Leaves: The Best View of Fall Foliage in the Smokies

October 15, 2016

People visit the Smoky Mountains for various reasons. Some come for the changing of the leaves, the hikes, local entertainment and attractions, Smoky Mountain cabins and much more. If you’re looking for the best view of fall foliage in the Smokies, look no further. While hikes and overlooks provide great views of the mountains, you can’t truly embrace the fall foliage from anywhere but this special location.

Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals

We may be biased, but it’s true. Some of the best fall foliage can be seen from the comfort of your own Smoky Mountain cabin! From the moment you arrive at your Smoky Mountain cabin, you will be overwhelmed with the beauty and colors that surround you in your secluded log cabin. Let’s take a look at some of the best views, as seen from our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.


Can you imagine the orange, red, yellow and brown covered mountains, as seen from your private porch? Make a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. The fall foliage is plentiful from our Black Bear Chalet cabin rental.


Make a fire, bring your sweater and enjoy the view! The Smoky Mountains will look like a colorful fall palette from your cabin! This Smoky Mountain cabin rental is called Breathless View and I’m sure you can see why! Whether you’re looking out the window or sitting by the campfire, you are guaranteed to see the most beautiful views of the Smokies from the comfort of your cabin.


Tucked away in the quiet mountainside, Sweet Dreams will give you the perfect vantage point for this year’s fall foliage. You will be looking right out to the National Park, as this Smoky Mountain cabin rental is located next to the entrance! Enjoy the changing of the leaves, the crisp mountain air and the privacy that comes with this beautiful cabin.
These are only a few of the best fall views found in the Smokies! To view all of our cabins, visit our website. Book your stay today and watch the leaves change colors right before your eyes!

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