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The Top 5 Smokies Trails to Hike in the Autumn

November 15, 2016

The Smoky Mountains are unlike any other place during the fall season. The colors are changing, the drinks are warm and you just might see the prettiest scenery you’ve ever seen. If you love hiking as much as we do, you’re in the right place. The Smoky Mountains have dozens of hikes to choose from, and we have picked the top 5 to hike this autumn. Luckily, many of these hikes are conveniently located near our Wears Valley cabins. If you’re looking for the perfect cabins in the Smokies, view all of our options here.

Here are the top five Smokies trails to hike in the autumn:

1. Rainbow Falls

Waterfalls, fall foliage and a short(er) round trip hike than most. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! While this hike involves a bit of an uphill climb, you will be faced with colorful trees, brisk autumn air and a stunning waterfall at the top. It’s true the perfect afternoon autumn hike for those wanting to fully embrace themselves in the season.

2. Mt. LeConte

If you decided to hike Rainbow Falls, you are halfway there! Mt. LeConte continues from the Rainbow Falls trail. If you are searching for a truly breathtaking scenic view of the Smoky Mountains, you are on the right trail. This trail should be set aside for a full day, as it does take up almost an entire day from start to finish. You will be blown away by the scenery as you climb to the top of one of the Smokies most famous overlooks!

3. Cliffmans Dome

A short, obtainable hike to this overlook, however, a hike nonetheless. Bring the kids, pets and whoever you like on this short and sweet hike. Cliffman’s Dome offers one of the BEST views in the National Park. On a clear day, you can see for miles and miles from this overlook. Be aware, this hike is 0.5 miles to the overlook and is considered steep. You won’t regret this decision once you see the fall foliage for miles!

4. Ramsey Cascades

Another breathtaking autumn waterfall. Who doesn’t love waterfalls? This moderately strenuous hike is perfect for our hikers hoping to experience the mountains during the fall. Wear warm clothes, bring a camera and enjoy the nature around you. Ramsey Cascades is one of the most popular trails to hike in the park. Arrive early so you can beat the rush this season!

5. “Hike” the National Park by Car

We know not everybody is a hiker. And while technically this isn’t considered a “hike,” we wanted to present an alternative for our non-hikers. Gas up the car and take a driving tour of the Smokies this autumn. We promise you will encounter some of the best views and colors throughout the National Park without having to break a sweat. Bring a warm drink, your favorite CD and get going! It’s one of our favorite ways to enjoy the National Park!

Book your Wears Valley cabin today and enjoy the Smokies during the autumn season!

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