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4 Must-See Winter Hikes

January 18, 2017

One of life’s biggest gifts is our capability of connecting with nature, which is why so many people enjoy spending their time surrounded by the many beauties that can be found near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. If you’re thinking of renting a Tennessee cabin and going on a winter hike, here are 4 must-see trails that will take your breath away.

Escape To A Tennessee Cabin And Venture To The Alum Cave Trail

If you love hiking, or simply being surrounded by nature, renting a Tennesse cabin should be at the top of your list. This is because Tennessee cabins are situated near many different hiking trails that can be accessed all year round. The Alum Cave Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and this is because it offers a variety of stellar views that are not that hard to get to. First time hiking? This is the trail for you.

Be Sure To Check-Out Andrews Bald Trail

Andrews Bald Trail is another great option for both first-time and seasoned hikers who are staying in a Tennessee cabin. This gorgeous trail starts with a large descent that eventually lowers you into Andrews Bald.

Wander Into Porter’s Creek

Another great trail to explore when staying in a Tennessee Cabin is the Porter’s Creek trail. Many tourist enjoy hiking through Porter’s Creek because, when pursued long enough, it can lead them to a dazzling waterfall. Porter’s Creek trail is rich with history and wildlife, making it a must-see for any Smoky Mountain newcomers.

Stretch Your Legs In Charlie’s Bunion

Another exceptional hiking route situated near the Tennessee cabins is the legendary Charlie’s Bunion trail. Charlie’s Bunion is one of a kind because it allows its hikers to gaze onto the horizon — for miles on end. Charlie’s Bunion is rich with scenery, making it a very sought-after trail.
Renting a cabin in Tennessee and setting out to explore the many trails that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park has to offer, is something that every individual should do at some point in their lives, simply because of how beautiful it is.

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